Wild wild Scania (A homage to the traders, backyard gamblers and moonshiners.)
Galleri Skelderhus, Sweden, 2019 in collaboration with David Noro.
Plaster, metal, wood, acrylic and watercolour.

Our stay at Skelderhus has been great. Friendly to say the least. We found that the people that surround the space, is what makes the space. The second-hand store is indeed there, but the exchange of objects succeeds the barriers of the old train station. The garbage dealers, moonshiners, horse breeders and cat pensions. It’s an environment, or a commune that shines with the spirit of ‘objects’, a place that is familiar to us, dirty treasures lay hidden in every barn and cellar. In every car we have ridden, something was handed over to us. And these experiences has subconsciously inspired our installation. Wild wild Scania is a hommage to the traders of the Wild wild North.

Leaving, Studio Agatha, Amsterdam, Nederlands, 2019
Acrylic, permanent marker and lacquer on concrete and wood.

Ici on n’a rien à part le bon Dieu
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Nederlands, 2018
Photos by Gert Jan van Rooij

Exhibition text by Quinsy Gario and Ayesha Ghaoul:

Scrawling inscriptions map and inhabit psychic spaces. Moving pictures projected onto walls speak a language of document but refuse to inform and deny the pleasures of pattern, coherent build up or catharsis. The narrative is held together in loose layers: clumsy stumbles and charming elegies are composed by the overlapping of colours, thoughts, moments and feelings. Surfaces are not meant to produce a truth and familial moments remain undecipherable. Mining the past for the narratives of the present, yet still weary of intruding on the future in the name of intimacy raiders.

Can we invoke the wall guardians to safeguard the unresolved?